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Starring: StarkLine D32!

Anko Rejinders
09/02/2024 01:00:00 PM

Starring: StarkLine D32!
Because of its larger, wider and deeper profile the D32 is a real heavy-duty worker. And , like all members of the StarkLine vbelt family, truly endless and made with a cord from polyester or kevlar.
In our belting workshop we have the technology and the material to offer options for many different applications (be it power transmission or in-machine conveying), in any length!
The robust D32 belt comes with a cogged profile which allows it to effectively run also on smaller pulley diameters.
The D32 which is used in wood processing machines is mostly dressed in all-white TPR and finished with a special topcover to provide better grip, softer touch and to leave no markings to the conveyed product.


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